EasterBelle's Membership:  Ladies Only.  The Easter Belle membershipeach year when a letter or email is sent to the Founder stating that a "Gift" was received from "Ms. So and So."  These approved local organizations will be listed each year and is the basisfor qualified membership into the EasterBelles for that current year.

Meetings:   This is not an organization that will have frequent meetings.  Instead, our membership meets once a year surrounding our holiday.  Easter Sunday is always marked on everyone's calendar.

Conveyances:   Parade participants' choice of conveyance is either horse drawn carriage or by convertible automobile.
Carriages will form the beginning of the procession with convertibles following.  Carriage expense is borne by each member contracting for such service.  Ladies can either enlist their own convertibles or ask for referrals.

Strollers:  Any EasterBelle who chooses to walk may do so providing her attire meets EasterBelle requirements -- tasteful and always fashionable.

Rules:  Anyone not adhering to our Rules will be summarily dismissed from our thoughts forever.

Communications:   By Email and Cell Phone.  EasterBelle's founder and organizer Cne' Breaux's cell phone is 703-400-6090 and to email, click MyEmail.

Authority:  The Founder and Organizer may make or modify the EasterBelle's Guidelines from time to time as she sees fit.

Sponsors:  Each location or Stop along the Parade Route will have a distinct Sponsor who will be responsible for agreed upon necessities.

Staging Areas:  
 1)  Gavioli Chapel is the rendezvous point for the beginning of the parade.  Carriages, Convertibles, and Strollers will assemble and a light refreshment "Toast" will be shared.
 2)  Crescent Hotel is the final stop where a "Light Fantastic" social with entertainment and hors d’oeuvres will be served with an open cash bar.  

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